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Comedy Clubs where stand up comedians perform in front of an audience are commonplace in the western world. In fact, this culture has become so popular in certain places like London that there is cut throat competition between different comedy clubs in London (get more information on comedy store london) and organizers are constantly innovating and enhancing their services to attract customers.

Apart from comic acts, stand up performances, magic shows and musical performances, these comedy clubs also have restaurants and bars to entice customers to come in groups and enjoy an entire evening of fun and laughter.

Following are 2 videos showing the kind of stand up acts that are performed in comedy clubs:

Gena Yashere at The Comedy Store Comedy Club in London

Frank Deuring at Lion’s Den Comedy Club in London

Although, this is a popular concept for western audiences, countries like India are just starting to discover this option for recreation and business. In India, it is easy to find a therapeutic morning laughter club, where all the oldies gather in the wee hours of the morning to boisterously laugh out their stress and tensions, but very difficult to imagine a place where stand up comedians perform live every evening.

Recently, Indian television has seen a growing trend of successful laughter competitions and comedy shows where comic artists from across the country perform different kinds of acts and compete with each other. This is somewhat creating awareness about stand up performances and about how difficult, challenging and entertaining live acts are.

Looking at this growing awareness about live comedy in this part of the world and also in order to explore new markets outside the highly competitive UK market, The Comedy Store, a renowned UK based comedy club, is opening India’s first comedy club in Mumbai. The Comedy Store already has 2 venues in London and Manchester and would be opening its first international branch in Mumbai at the Palladium Luxury Shopping Mall at High Street Phoenix in Lower Parel on January 14th, 2010.

The owners have big plans for their first international venture and plan to make the Mumbai outlet as good as their London and Manchester venues, if not better. The club has a budget of 2.5 million pounds or 19 crore rupees and is a joint venture between the UK based The Comedy Store and the Gurgaon based The Spa Group. The club will have a restaurant, a bar and a huge auditorium which will acommodate 325 people. There will also be a parking lot for upto 300 cars.

By opening India’s first comedy club, The Comedy Store hopes to create a market for stand up comedy in India, just like it did in London over 30 years ago. When it started, The Comedy Store was the first of its kind in London and now there are over 300 clubs where one can watch stand up comedy and enjoy a fun-filled evening.


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