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High Dividend Stocks – Energy Stocks


Alternative energy companies deal with lots of money and their shares can mean high dividend stocks. The companies would be involved in various areas of the energy sector ranging from oil, gas to service companies. The companies that are huge with a market cap >$500 million pay annual dividends of 8% to 10% to their stock holders.

For example:

  • Encore Energy Partners – company produces oil and natural gas in Big Horn Basin in areas of Montana and Wyoming, Permian Basin in West Texas and New Mexico, Williston Basin in North Dakota and Montana and Arkoma Basin in Oklahoma and Arkansas.
  • MV Oil Trust – has net profits in oil, natural gas in Colorado and Kansas. They have approximately 1000  oil and gas producing wells.


Solar Energy Stocks – To Invest or Not


Solar stocks are comparatively new additions to the stock market. These stocks seem to be good investments in this post-recession times. Some of the best solar stocks to buy now would be SPWRA, STP, FSLR, LDK, SOEN, JASO-JA etc. Solar energy sector is in its growth phase and this would be the ideal time to invest in them. Even though new limitations have been drawn up for these companies in terms of solar energy research, solar installations in homes and businesses etc, due to the economy crisis, the need for sustainable energy is a persistent concern and before long all the solar energy companies would resume their research activities in full swing. Once the economy finds a foothold, unparalleled growth is expected in these company and subsequently their solar stocks.

Solar power can be used to for a number of activities like recharging batteries, running home appliances etc. If you plan to invest in stocks of solar companies, make sure that you do your homework thoroughly. Research companies and analyze their stock performance over a period of time. Due diligence is mandatory for any investment in the stock market. Solar stocks have a higher element of risk involved due to nature of industry but in future solar stocks have huge potential to do very well as sources of alternative energy become a global priority.

Short Term Investments in Energy Stocks

Alternative energy technologies have potential to transform global economy and this should precisely be the reason why energy stocks are so lucrative. If you are planning only short term investment in energy companies, you can opt for lesser known companies which would give you quick profits when they grow. Your initial investment would be low ans your expected profits high. Some of the energy companies worth investing in are Alstom, General Electric, Bouygues, Johnson Controls, Toray Industries, Areva, Peabody energy, Canadian Oil Sands Trust, Consol Energy, Zoltek etc.

Stock Investments and Technical Analysis


Stocks of any kind, whether gold stocks, energy stocks or company stocks are all prone to the risks of the market. There are no safe investments in the stock market. The element of risk is the specialty of the market trades and any one ready to brace them will meet with sure success. Financial know how of the market and its working methods along with fair knowledge about the world stock markets are mandatory for a beginner. The Dow Theory is the basics of all stock technical analysis as we know today  and how to use the technical analysis tools is necessary if you are planning to do some serious stock investments.


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