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“The world’s most beautiful news reporter” … Daily Express

“TV’s sexiest news anchor” … Poll conducted by the U.S. edition of Maxim

“Most beautiful woman in the world” … Poll conducted by the French edition of FHM

“La bombe cathodique” or “The television bombshell” … Paris Match

Thats Mélissa Theuriau for you! Born on 18th July, 1978 in Échirolles, Isère in France, Mélissa Theuriau is a journalist and news reporter who has been active on French television since 2002 and is currently working for the French television channel M6.

She started her career as a reporter for Match TV in 2002. Later she worked with La Chaîne Info and TF1 and finally moved to M6 in 2006 as editor-in-chief and presenter of a weekly magazine show called Zone Interdite. She is also a presenter of many shows on a channel called Paris Première in partnership with Paris Match.

Mélissa founded an organization called “La Rose” along with 5 of her journalist colegues Marie Drucker, Claire Chazal, Béatrice Schönberg, Laurence Ferrari and Tina Kieffer. “La Rose” works with the U.N.I.C.E.F. to educate girls.

In 2005-2006, Mélissa Theuriau became an internet rage when her pics and youtube videos became immensly popular and started receiving millions of hits. In 2006, a French entertainment newspaper called Voici even published photographs of Mélissa Theuriau topless and relaxing on a beach which spread on the internet like wild fire. Mélissa’s lawyers have been trying to purge these images from the internet since then.

She got married to Jamel Debbouze who is an actor of French and Moroccan descent on 7th May, 2008. They now have a son named Léon.


Dance, as an art form, is steadily becoming very popular among common Indians.

India is a land of diverse beliefs, cultures and arts. Dance has been an important art form for Indians for centuries. Classical dance forms like Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Bharatanatyam have all originated in this country and are learned and passed on from one generation to another in many regions. Similarly, other comparitively casual styles of dancing like Bhangra, Gidda and Filmy or Bollywood have always been a part of the Indian lifestyle. Whether its Indian movies, festivals or any kind of celebration, none can be complete without a bit of Latkas and Jhatkas – Freestyle and Funfilled Dancing 🙂

Having said all this, its somewhat strange that even though dance is something that most Indians indulge in or watch on a regular basis, very few seem to be interested in learning dance properly and as an art form. But the scenario is changing now…

Dance has been catching up among common Indian households slowly and steadily. With different types of dance forms such as Hip-Hop, Breaking, Popping and Locking, Salsa etc. gaining popularity and new avenues for learning these art forms opening up, the general population is starting to realize and consider Dance not just as an art form, but a means to maintain fitness and also a way to build self-confidence.

Recently, a television show called Dance India Dance has revealed the amount of talent and passion that thousands of young Indians have for all kinds of dance forms. The show brings together talented dancers from all across the country and promises to find India’s first Dancing Star. Its great to watch and is already a super hit.

Cities like Mumbai and Kolkata have been at the forefront of promoting Dance and its learning in the country. Delhi, somehow has not witnessed the same level of enthusiasm but things are looking up for the capital as more and more initiatives to teach Dance are being taken.

As an art lover myself, I hope there is more awareness in the country for not only our own Dances but also other types of Dance forms around the world. Also, there need to be more schools and institutions that focus on teaching Dance professionally.

If you’re looking for a dance school in Delhi, you can check the Delhi Dance Academy – Dance Classes In Delhi. They seem to be pretty good… 🙂

Following are the dance forms I was talking about:

Universal Orlando was the venue for drawing of the first ever Powerball Lottery in Florida. The drawing happened on Wednesday, 7th Jan, 2009 at 10:59 pm.

The winning numbers were : 52, 38, 31, 23, 33 alongwith Powerball number 24.

Florida is the latest entrant into the Powerball multi-state game. Ticket sales for the jackpot started on Sunday, 4th Jan, 2009 and the Powerball fever in Floridians was clear from the fact that 1.5 million tickets were sold on the same day.

Each ticket costs $1 only and the proceeds from the lottery will be used for promoting education in Florida through public schools. Those who are playing this very popular lottery game provide this good cause as a logic for their participation in addition to their chance of winning the jackpot money themselves (although calculated probabilty for that is 1 in 195 million appx.) 🙂

The Florida jackpot is estimated to be worth $ 105 million.

Yes people, that’s the question for today on the Marriott World of Rewards. And who doesn’t want a reward eh? 😉

Possible Answers

  1. A popular Hong Kong ferry called the “Celestial Star ferry” was built in 1956. (most likely) link to wiki

  2. Wong Tai Sin Temple – This temple was opened in 1956. However, Wikipedia says it was built much earlier than that.
  3. The university of Hong Kong acquired a house in 1956, which was made into the men’s hostel. It’s still not open to the public, so can’t be this either.
  4. The Hong Kong riots took place in October 1956 (for those generally interested in China). I’d rather just write an encyclopedic entry on Hong Kong. lol!
  5. Hong Kong Baptist University was founded in 1956.
  6. The Hong Kong society for the blind was also founded in 1956.

If you win a prize, come back and tell us!! 😉

Old News now
God sake!! I’ve been trying to figure out the answer to this one for the last hour!! Have to say – The questions they ask on Marriott world of rewards are pretty tough to look up. I guess that’s what makes the quiz challenging and interesting.

Well, I’m still looking for an answer. If you happen to be one of those Google search experts who know exactly what to search for and jump into the answer, be kind and post a comment with the correct answer to help others.

Meanwhile, it’s slogging for me!

Hong Kong at Night - What attraction can it be?

Hong Kong at Night - What attraction can it be?

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