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High Dividend Stocks – Energy Stocks


Alternative energy companies deal with lots of money and their shares can mean high dividend stocks. The companies would be involved in various areas of the energy sector ranging from oil, gas to service companies. The companies that are huge with a market cap >$500 million pay annual dividends of 8% to 10% to their stock holders.

For example:

  • Encore Energy Partners – company produces oil and natural gas in Big Horn Basin in areas of Montana and Wyoming, Permian Basin in West Texas and New Mexico, Williston Basin in North Dakota and Montana and Arkoma Basin in Oklahoma and Arkansas.
  • MV Oil Trust – has net profits in oil, natural gas in Colorado and Kansas. They have approximately 1000  oil and gas producing wells.


Solar Energy Stocks – To Invest or Not


Solar stocks are comparatively new additions to the stock market. These stocks seem to be good investments in this post-recession times. Some of the best solar stocks to buy now would be SPWRA, STP, FSLR, LDK, SOEN, JASO-JA etc. Solar energy sector is in its growth phase and this would be the ideal time to invest in them. Even though new limitations have been drawn up for these companies in terms of solar energy research, solar installations in homes and businesses etc, due to the economy crisis, the need for sustainable energy is a persistent concern and before long all the solar energy companies would resume their research activities in full swing. Once the economy finds a foothold, unparalleled growth is expected in these company and subsequently their solar stocks.

Solar power can be used to for a number of activities like recharging batteries, running home appliances etc. If you plan to invest in stocks of solar companies, make sure that you do your homework thoroughly. Research companies and analyze their stock performance over a period of time. Due diligence is mandatory for any investment in the stock market. Solar stocks have a higher element of risk involved due to nature of industry but in future solar stocks have huge potential to do very well as sources of alternative energy become a global priority.

Short Term Investments in Energy Stocks

Alternative energy technologies have potential to transform global economy and this should precisely be the reason why energy stocks are so lucrative. If you are planning only short term investment in energy companies, you can opt for lesser known companies which would give you quick profits when they grow. Your initial investment would be low ans your expected profits high. Some of the energy companies worth investing in are Alstom, General Electric, Bouygues, Johnson Controls, Toray Industries, Areva, Peabody energy, Canadian Oil Sands Trust, Consol Energy, Zoltek etc.

Stock Investments and Technical Analysis


Stocks of any kind, whether gold stocks, energy stocks or company stocks are all prone to the risks of the market. There are no safe investments in the stock market. The element of risk is the specialty of the market trades and any one ready to brace them will meet with sure success. Financial know how of the market and its working methods along with fair knowledge about the world stock markets are mandatory for a beginner. The Dow Theory is the basics of all stock technical analysis as we know today  and how to use the technical analysis tools is necessary if you are planning to do some serious stock investments.


Meb Keflezighi has won the Men’s New York Marathon which was run this Sunday, 1st of November 2009. At a time when the Marathon circuit is completely dominated by African athletes, Meb’s victory has come as a pleasant news for the host nation whose Alberto Salazar won the New York Marathon way back in 1982. Alberto Salazar won 3 straight New York Marathons in 1980, 1981 and 1982.

This was the first major Marathon title for the 34 year old American athlete who won the silver medal in Olympics 2004. He was close to winning the Marathon title in 2004 and 2005 when he stood 2nd and 3rd.

Meb completed the Marathon in 2 hours, 9 minutes and 15 seconds ahead of 4-time Boston Marathon winner Robert Cheruiyot of Kenya who stood 2nd and Jaouad Gharib of Morocco who stood 3rd. Another American, Ryan Hall stood 4th.

Keflezighi, who was born in the East African Nation of Eritrea received US Citizenship in 1998. 2 years ago, Meb suffered severe dehydration which threatened of ending his athletics career. However, he recovered with time and got back to training hard again and finally brought glory to his country by winning this Sunday.

The Women’s New York Marathon was won by Derartu Tulu of Ethiopia followed by Russia’s 41 year old Ludmila Petrova who stood 2nd.

In the Wheeler Races, 3-time defending champion Kurt Fearnley of Australia won the race for the 4th time. Edith Hunkeler of Switzerland won her fifth title in the Women’s Wheeler Race.

Nick Adenhart’s sudden loss in a car accident has shaken the baseball community, his fans and all of United States of America. In a tragic hit and run case, 22 year old Nick, who was a rookie pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels, lost his life on early Thursday morning when his car was hit by a minivan being driven by a drunken driver. Condolences poured in when the news of Adenhart’s untimely death broke out – a tribute ceremony was organized with a baseball, a couple of bouquets and some grief writings from heart broken fans outside the Angels Stadium.

The crash happened when the car carrying Adenhart and three others was hit by a minivan coming from the west. The forceful collision threw Adenhart’s car out of the intersection and claimed all four lives. The minivan driver named Gallo tried to flee towards the east but was arrested near State College Blvd. Gallo already has multiple prior arrests for drunken driving, police asserted.

A baseball pitcher and right hander, Nick Adenhart was born in Silver Springs. When he was 15, he was one of the nation’s top high-school pitchers. Baseball America magazine named him “National Youth Player of the Year”. Soon after achieving this feat, tragically, Nick got an elbow injury and the doctors advised for a reconstructive surgery. Even then, the Los Angeles Angels (LAA) selected him with a letter of intent from the University of North Carolina after which the pitcher received his lengthy rehabilitation.

During his career, 61 of his 98 pitches were strikes and his smooth delivery was an asset for all of his teams. Even on the night before this untoward incident, Adenhart had pitched six scoreless innings against the Oakland A’s where his performance was appreciated.

This case of drunken driving has caused an irreparable harm to the baseball community and there need to be stricter regulations against such reckless drivers.

A poster among the bouquets kept at the memorial read, “No. 34, You are one more Angel in heaven”. Truly a tragic story.

Nick at his Cal League debut

Nick at his Cal League debut

The forty eighth Mayor of Baltimore, Maryland, Sheila Dixon has been indicted on 12 counts including perjury and theft. The Democrat served the City Council from 1988 to 2007 including 7 years as City Council President. In 2007, Sheila Dixon became the City Mayor after fellow Democrat Martin O’Malley vacated the position to become Maryland Governor.

Some of the charges faced by Sheila Dixon are as follows:

  • Improper disclosure of gifts received from various sources.
  • Misuse of Holiday Gift Cards that were supposed to be distributed to needy families.
  • Misconduct in office.

Sheila Dixon has said in a statement on Friday that she is innocent. She said “I am confident that I will be found innocent of these charges. I will not let these charges deter me from keeping Baltimore on the path that we have set, or from carrying forward the significant progress we have made thus far”.

These developments come at a time when the city of Baltimore was witnessing a very positive turnaround of events. The murder rate in the city has fallen 17% as compared to last year. Moreover, the schools have shown better results lately and also the population has shown a slight increase.

Universal Orlando was the venue for drawing of the first ever Powerball Lottery in Florida. The drawing happened on Wednesday, 7th Jan, 2009 at 10:59 pm.

The winning numbers were : 52, 38, 31, 23, 33 alongwith Powerball number 24.

Florida is the latest entrant into the Powerball multi-state game. Ticket sales for the jackpot started on Sunday, 4th Jan, 2009 and the Powerball fever in Floridians was clear from the fact that 1.5 million tickets were sold on the same day.

Each ticket costs $1 only and the proceeds from the lottery will be used for promoting education in Florida through public schools. Those who are playing this very popular lottery game provide this good cause as a logic for their participation in addition to their chance of winning the jackpot money themselves (although calculated probabilty for that is 1 in 195 million appx.) 🙂

The Florida jackpot is estimated to be worth $ 105 million.

Why do we vote on Tuesday?

Why do we vote on Tuesday?

America has always voted on the Tuesday after the first Monday of November (which means it cannot be the 1st of November ever and always falls between the 2nd and 8th of November) since 1845 when the Congress decided that there should be a fixed date for voting.

Why the Tuesday after first Monday in November?

A bill raised in 1844 set presidential elections polling to be conducted on the first Tuesday in November in years divisible by 4 (or leap years), for some strange reason. Now the Electoral College used to meet on the first Wednesday of December and it was brought to notice that if the first Tuesday of November is selected as the Election day, then there would be a gap of more than 34 days between the two days. This was in violation of the Electoral College Law.

So, it was decided that to keep the gap 34 days or lesser, the Tuesday after the first Monday in November will be conducted, Election Day polling.

Why do we vote on Tuesday?

Now, why did it have to be Tuesday anyway? Here’s the Answer:

In 1845, we survived on agriculture and the fastest and most common form of transport was a horse – horse-carts, sole horse riders and chariots was all you saw on roads.

It took farmers a day to travel to and fro from the election stations and a day to vote – Total 3 DAYS.

Sabbath (as we were more Christian then, than we’re now) fell on Friday.

Which means it couldn’t have been Monday (people wanted to Enjoy their Sundays, and not travel). Couldn’t have been thursday (people couldn’t travel on Sabbath).

This left only Tuesday and Wednesday right? Are you still with me? (complicated math).. 😉

Wednesday was the market day, so voting couldn’t be conducted then.

This left TUESDAY!!


Why do we Americans have one of the lowest voting turnouts in the World?

This was fine then, when we rode horses, but today we need an amendment in this law.

Everyone works on Tuesdays. Some states require companies to pay their employees two hours of absentee salaries so people can go and vote. Some states don’t even do that! No wonder people caught in the middle of their work are unable to come to vote.

It’s high time we shifted Election day to a Saturday!!

We don’t need a day to travel to the polling stations anymore. Who agrees?

A White Supremacist attempt by skinheads to assassinate Democratic Presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama is said to have been foiled by the Federal Department when 2 neo-Nazi skinheads were arrested with a range of weapons.

Apparently these 2 men were planning to carry out a series of killings of African-Americans culminating this horrific killing spree with the assassination of Sen. Barack Obama. These men, namely: Daniel Cowart, 20 year of age, of Bells and Paul Schlesselman, 18 years of age, of West Helena, were caught with a sawed-off shotgun, a rifle and three pistols. Authorities confirmed that in addition to these weapons, Daniel and Paul were also going to loot a gun shop and steal more.

This shocking plot by these men aimed to shoot 88 and decapitate 14 black people because the numbers 88 and 14 are considered sacred in the White supremacist community. They have been held on charges of possessing unregistered weapons, conspiring to steal arms from gun dealer and threatening to assassinate a Presidential candidate.

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