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Cribs with Storage

babyletto mercer with storage 2 PNG

If you’re expecting a baby, one of the first and most important things you’ll need to buy soon will be a nice baby crib. A good knowledge about the types of cribs available in the market can help you pick exactly the one that will work best for you. Along with safety and comfort, one important feature that can truly enhance your experience with a crib is the presence of a storage facility. Depending upon your style and budget, you can check which crib would suit you best but going with a crib that has under crib storage is something that can never go wrong.

Under crib storage, as the name suggests, is a storage facility present below a crib – in the space between the crib’s base and the floor. It can come in the form of a single, wide drawer or multiple drawers depending upon the crib you choose. It helps in the organization and neat arrangement of things in a room without occupying any extra space. Under crib storage accompanies only a selected number of cribs in the market but once you’ve used a crib with under crib storage, you might find it impossible to do without it.

The best part about under crib storage is that it helps important things like diapers, wet wipes, crib sheets, etc. to be out of sight yet easily accessible. This is very useful because when it comes to babies, we just can’t afford to store things away in far off shelves. We need to have the access to diapers and wipes at the click of a finger. At the same time, we can’t let such things be on a table either because one, they will make the nursery look cluttered and two, a curious toddler would most likely reach out to and dispose of these things before we know it. Hence, its crucial to have a spacious storage shelf or drawer in the nursery and what can be better than having it on the crib itself, utilizing the space which would otherwise be collecting dust.

Some cribs with under crib storage are accompanied by other useful features as well. These include crib convertibility, safety and good looks among others.

My favorite crib with under crib storage is the Babyletto Mercer 3-in-1 Convertible Crib with Storage. It has good storage, is convertible into a day bed and toddler bed (with included conversion rails) and looks really cool and chic!

More Storage in Cribs

dream on me casco crib with storage PNG

Having talked about cribs with under crib storage, let me also tell you a little about other, more spacious storage options that are available in some cribs.

Just like cribs with under crib storage, a few selected cribs come with an attached storage feature in the form of a changing table and dresser. The changing table helps to easily change a baby’s dresses and diapers by placing her right next to her sleeping area and the drawers underneath provide easy and quick access to the clothes, diapers, rash creams, etc. that are needed during the changing time. Additionally, the back-side of these drawers also contains some open shelves to keep extra baby stuff. The vertical alignment of these shelves (attached to the drawers) and the changing table makes excellent use of space and provides lots of storage with just a few inches added to the crib.

The cribs with such features are simply referred to as cribs with storage. They accommodate ample storage capacity in a compact size which occupies much less space in comparison to these storage features being bought separately. In addition to being a space-saver, these cribs are cost-effective as well.

My favorite crib with storage is the Dream On Me Casco 3 in 1 Mini Crib and Dressing Table Combo . It has a great storage capacity, can be converted into a day bed and twin size bed, is light-weight and beautiful.


Hooray !!! That time of the year is here again. Not long before everything will be magical and merry. Not long before the streets will be full of light. Not long before everyone will celebrate together. Not long before Santa will arrive and all our wishes will come true.

Christmas is the time for celebration, for letting go of all our worries, spending time and exchanging gifts with family and friends. Christmas is also about decorating our homes to welcome and celebrate with near and dear ones.

While a Christmas tree loaded with gifts and great food are but essential for celebrating Christmas, there are certain other things which have great significance as far as Christmas is concerned and can add that extra excitement to your Christmas celebrations and decoration.

Following are 5 essential Christmas Decoration Ideas which will make your Christmas truly merry:


Christmas Wreath1. Christmas Wreaths: An unmistakable symbol of Christmas, wreaths have been used to Christmas decorations for years and years and signify growth and prosperity. These can be placed anywhere inside or outside the house, on doors, on walls, on windows or over the mantle.

Both real and artificial Christmas wreaths are easily available these days. Real Christmas wreaths are made of evergreens, pine branches and holly and are decorated with pine cones, holly berries, small presents, fruits, candies etc. Most of these materials have a deeper significance to Christmas and also to Jesus’s crucifixion. Pine and holly branches used in wreaths have thorns which represent the thorn in Jesus’s crown when he was crucified. Holly berries which are bright red in color signify Jesus’s blood which he shed selflessly for mankind. Also, the circular shape of the wreath represent the circle of life.

Christmas wreaths are a true reminder of what Christmas actually stands for and are a must during Christmas.


2. Christmas Mistletoe: Mistletoe is a plant that grows on willow and apple branches. It is actually a parasite which is transferred to tree branches by birds, attaches itself to the tree and grows.

Christmas MistletoeThe tradition of hanging mistletoe dates back to ancient times when Druids considered that it brought good luck, prosperity and health to the household. It was also believed that mistletoe possesses mystical powers and wards off evil spirits. These beliefs surrounding mistletoe have lead to the tradition of hanging mistletoe during Christmas as good omen even today.

In Norse mythology, mistletoe was considered to be a sign of love and friendship. This might be the reason behind the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe. It was believed that kissing under the mistletoe would bring true love and culminate in marriage.

These are important enough reasons for mistletoe to be used for decoration during Christmas 🙂


Christmas Candles3. Christmas Candles: It’s hard to imagine Christmas without candles being lit around the house or in the church while Christmas carols are being sung. Candles signify light, prayer, warmth and hope and they are an essential part of Christmas because they represent the birth of Christ, the light of the world, who guides us through the darkness and brings hope.

Therefore, candles are an important part of Christmas not just for their beauty and elegance but also for what they symbolise. Christmas is the celebration of the the birth of Jesus Christ who enlightened all of mankind while sacrificing himself, just like candles bring light and warmth into our lives while melting away themselves.


Christmas Lights4. Christmas Lights: While candles are the traditional way of depicting light, warmth and hope during Christmas, in the modern times, lights serve the same purpose. Christmas lights are an important part of Christmas celebrations in today’s world. Whether outdoors or indoors, Christmas decoration involves excessive use of Christmas lights which has become the norm. A Christmas without brightly lit streets, twinkling Christmas trees in shopping malls, string lights bordering buildings and hanging from rooftops of houses, is totally impossible.

Christmas lights in various designs, shapes and sizes are readily available and are a must for making any Christmas decoration complete. Apart from lighting the Christmas tree, one needs lights to decorate different areas around the house such as the living room, the garden, the porch, the patio, the walkway etc. String lights, particularly, are very useful and apt for Christmas decoration.


Christmas Flowers5. Christmas Flowers: Certain flowers that bloom around Christmas and are used during the Christmas season are known as Christmas flowers. Flowers like Christmas Cactus, Christmas Rose, Poinsettia, Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe are used extensively for decoration during Christmas.

Many of these flowers symbolize certain values that match with the spirit of Christmas. Like Poinsettia is believed to be a symbol of purity while Mistletoe is a sign of good luck, health, love and friendship.

Bouquets, baskets, wreaths and garlands of Christmas flowers add a unique charm to any Christmas decoration.


6. Christmas Carols: Once the Christmas decorations are done and the place looks perfect to invite family and friends to celebrate with, it’s time to make the ambience even more magical by playing Christmas carols in the background. Christmas carols symbolize the true spirit and joys of Christmas and bring along a lot of memories for all of us.


Hope the above decoration ideas will help you in making your Christmas beautiful and memorable. Leave your worries behind, spread love, give happiness, decorate, celebrate and immerse in the true spirit of Christmas with your loved ones. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!

Different Types of Rollators

There are different types of rollators to suit different needs.

  • Three Wheel Rollator

Three wheel rollator has one front wheel and two back wheels. It is light, narrow, and easy to move around in areas with less moving space. The back wheels have the braking system to control the speed of the rollator or to stop it from moving forward. The brake system also has a lock feature to ensure the safety. The weight of lighter models of three wheel rollator is around 8 to 10 lbs. The heavy duty three wheel rollators, which are made of steel frame, have weight up to seventeen pounds.

  • Four Wheel Rollator

The four wheel rollators are more stable than the three wheel rollators, but they tend to be heavier than three wheel rollators. They are also broader than three wheel rollators and therefore it is difficult to maneuver them in tight space.

  • Bariatric or Heavy Duty Rollator

These types of rollators are designed specifically for heavy patients. They have the capacity to carry heavier weight and they also have broader seats to accommodate heavy weight patients. Since they have to carry heavy users, the frame of bariatric rollators is made of sturdy material. This makes them difficult to move around.

Why to Use Three Wheel Rollator?

Three wheel rollators are suitable for those who have moderate mobility issues and need support for moving around conveniently, but do not need the extra weight and stability of four wheel rollator. Now there are three wheel rollator models with seat, which can be used to sit when feeling tired.

Parts of Three Wheel Rollator

There are different models of three wheel rollators, but all of them essentially have these parts –


Three wheel rollators can be easily maneuvered around the obstructions inside and outside the house. Apart from the number of wheels, the size of wheels is also important. Three wheel rollators with smaller size of wheels such as six inches or less are suitable for smooth indoor surface. However, larger wheels are easy to maneuver and appropriate for both indoor surface and uneven outdoor surface.

Brake System

Brake system in three wheel rollators makes the user feel in control. The brake system of the rollator should be designed in such a way so that it is easily reachable and can be operated effortlessly. There are three types of brake system in standard three wheeled rollators.

  • The cable brake system is very similar to the brake system of a bicycle. The user can press the brake handle to stop the rollator.
  • Reverse braking or the locking feature allows the brake to be locked until the brake handles are pressed to release the pressure. This saves the user from continuously keeping a grip on the brake handles. It also ensures the safety of the user by locking the brake when the user is trying to step down from or sit on the rollator.
  • Optional brake systems: There are other optional brake systems in three wheel rollators. The slow-down brake system allows user to control the speed of the rollator when maneuvering on an inclined surface. The single hand brake system allows the user to use only one hand to operate the brake system. It is effective for those who have one hand stronger than the other.


Steel and aluminum are two materials with which the frame of the three wheel rollators are made of. Steel is sturdy and strong, but it is also heavy. Therefore it is best suited for heavy weight people. However, being heavier, it becomes difficult to carry around the three wheel rollators with steel frame. They are not suitable for people with weak arms or elderly users or caretakers. Aluminum is relatively lighter and can be easily pushed by light weight user. If the frame is foldable, it is easier to carry around the three wheel rollator in vehicles to different locations.


Usually the seat is the part of the four-wheel rollator and not the three-wheel rollator. However, there are companies that are coming up with the unique concept of three-wheel rollator with seat. You should look for the three wheel rollator with adjustable seat height. Another thing to consider is the material of the seat. If you want more comfort, then you should look for the padded and cushioned seat along with the backrest and armrest, instead of plastic seats which can be hard and uncomfortable. Also, make sure that that there is enough space between the handles of the three wheel rollator to let you sit down comfortably.

Optional Accessories

Many optional accessories are available with the three wheel rollators such as trays, backrest, leg rest and baskets or pouches for carrying items. Some of them also have a walking stick holder, oxygen tank holder and water bottle holder. The choice depends on your needs. A wire basket is good to carry personal items but it is more cumbersome and you will have to remove it when you are folding the rollator. A collapsible bag not only makes the three wheel rollator easier to carry but also safe for keeping personal items like moneybags and purse. A carrier for walking stick will make sure that you have your walking stick with you when you need to move in tighter spaces where it is difficult to take the three wheel rollator.

Dance, as an art form, is steadily becoming very popular among common Indians.

India is a land of diverse beliefs, cultures and arts. Dance has been an important art form for Indians for centuries. Classical dance forms like Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Bharatanatyam have all originated in this country and are learned and passed on from one generation to another in many regions. Similarly, other comparitively casual styles of dancing like Bhangra, Gidda and Filmy or Bollywood have always been a part of the Indian lifestyle. Whether its Indian movies, festivals or any kind of celebration, none can be complete without a bit of Latkas and Jhatkas – Freestyle and Funfilled Dancing 🙂

Having said all this, its somewhat strange that even though dance is something that most Indians indulge in or watch on a regular basis, very few seem to be interested in learning dance properly and as an art form. But the scenario is changing now…

Dance has been catching up among common Indian households slowly and steadily. With different types of dance forms such as Hip-Hop, Breaking, Popping and Locking, Salsa etc. gaining popularity and new avenues for learning these art forms opening up, the general population is starting to realize and consider Dance not just as an art form, but a means to maintain fitness and also a way to build self-confidence.

Recently, a television show called Dance India Dance has revealed the amount of talent and passion that thousands of young Indians have for all kinds of dance forms. The show brings together talented dancers from all across the country and promises to find India’s first Dancing Star. Its great to watch and is already a super hit.

Cities like Mumbai and Kolkata have been at the forefront of promoting Dance and its learning in the country. Delhi, somehow has not witnessed the same level of enthusiasm but things are looking up for the capital as more and more initiatives to teach Dance are being taken.

As an art lover myself, I hope there is more awareness in the country for not only our own Dances but also other types of Dance forms around the world. Also, there need to be more schools and institutions that focus on teaching Dance professionally.

If you’re looking for a dance school in Delhi, you can check the Delhi Dance Academy – Dance Classes In Delhi. They seem to be pretty good… 🙂

Following are the dance forms I was talking about:

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