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Comedy Clubs where stand up comedians perform in front of an audience are commonplace in the western world. In fact, this culture has become so popular in certain places like London that there is cut throat competition between different comedy clubs in London (get more information on comedy store london) and organizers are constantly innovating and enhancing their services to attract customers.

Apart from comic acts, stand up performances, magic shows and musical performances, these comedy clubs also have restaurants and bars to entice customers to come in groups and enjoy an entire evening of fun and laughter.

Following are 2 videos showing the kind of stand up acts that are performed in comedy clubs:

Gena Yashere at The Comedy Store Comedy Club in London

Frank Deuring at Lion’s Den Comedy Club in London

Although, this is a popular concept for western audiences, countries like India are just starting to discover this option for recreation and business. In India, it is easy to find a therapeutic morning laughter club, where all the oldies gather in the wee hours of the morning to boisterously laugh out their stress and tensions, but very difficult to imagine a place where stand up comedians perform live every evening.

Recently, Indian television has seen a growing trend of successful laughter competitions and comedy shows where comic artists from across the country perform different kinds of acts and compete with each other. This is somewhat creating awareness about stand up performances and about how difficult, challenging and entertaining live acts are.

Looking at this growing awareness about live comedy in this part of the world and also in order to explore new markets outside the highly competitive UK market, The Comedy Store, a renowned UK based comedy club, is opening India’s first comedy club in Mumbai. The Comedy Store already has 2 venues in London and Manchester and would be opening its first international branch in Mumbai at the Palladium Luxury Shopping Mall at High Street Phoenix in Lower Parel on January 14th, 2010.

The owners have big plans for their first international venture and plan to make the Mumbai outlet as good as their London and Manchester venues, if not better. The club has a budget of 2.5 million pounds or 19 crore rupees and is a joint venture between the UK based The Comedy Store and the Gurgaon based The Spa Group. The club will have a restaurant, a bar and a huge auditorium which will acommodate 325 people. There will also be a parking lot for upto 300 cars.

By opening India’s first comedy club, The Comedy Store hopes to create a market for stand up comedy in India, just like it did in London over 30 years ago. When it started, The Comedy Store was the first of its kind in London and now there are over 300 clubs where one can watch stand up comedy and enjoy a fun-filled evening.


“The world’s most beautiful news reporter” … Daily Express

“TV’s sexiest news anchor” … Poll conducted by the U.S. edition of Maxim

“Most beautiful woman in the world” … Poll conducted by the French edition of FHM

“La bombe cathodique” or “The television bombshell” … Paris Match

Thats Mélissa Theuriau for you! Born on 18th July, 1978 in Échirolles, Isère in France, Mélissa Theuriau is a journalist and news reporter who has been active on French television since 2002 and is currently working for the French television channel M6.

She started her career as a reporter for Match TV in 2002. Later she worked with La Chaîne Info and TF1 and finally moved to M6 in 2006 as editor-in-chief and presenter of a weekly magazine show called Zone Interdite. She is also a presenter of many shows on a channel called Paris Première in partnership with Paris Match.

Mélissa founded an organization called “La Rose” along with 5 of her journalist colegues Marie Drucker, Claire Chazal, Béatrice Schönberg, Laurence Ferrari and Tina Kieffer. “La Rose” works with the U.N.I.C.E.F. to educate girls.

In 2005-2006, Mélissa Theuriau became an internet rage when her pics and youtube videos became immensly popular and started receiving millions of hits. In 2006, a French entertainment newspaper called Voici even published photographs of Mélissa Theuriau topless and relaxing on a beach which spread on the internet like wild fire. Mélissa’s lawyers have been trying to purge these images from the internet since then.

She got married to Jamel Debbouze who is an actor of French and Moroccan descent on 7th May, 2008. They now have a son named Léon.

Meb Keflezighi has won the Men’s New York Marathon which was run this Sunday, 1st of November 2009. At a time when the Marathon circuit is completely dominated by African athletes, Meb’s victory has come as a pleasant news for the host nation whose Alberto Salazar won the New York Marathon way back in 1982. Alberto Salazar won 3 straight New York Marathons in 1980, 1981 and 1982.

This was the first major Marathon title for the 34 year old American athlete who won the silver medal in Olympics 2004. He was close to winning the Marathon title in 2004 and 2005 when he stood 2nd and 3rd.

Meb completed the Marathon in 2 hours, 9 minutes and 15 seconds ahead of 4-time Boston Marathon winner Robert Cheruiyot of Kenya who stood 2nd and Jaouad Gharib of Morocco who stood 3rd. Another American, Ryan Hall stood 4th.

Keflezighi, who was born in the East African Nation of Eritrea received US Citizenship in 1998. 2 years ago, Meb suffered severe dehydration which threatened of ending his athletics career. However, he recovered with time and got back to training hard again and finally brought glory to his country by winning this Sunday.

The Women’s New York Marathon was won by Derartu Tulu of Ethiopia followed by Russia’s 41 year old Ludmila Petrova who stood 2nd.

In the Wheeler Races, 3-time defending champion Kurt Fearnley of Australia won the race for the 4th time. Edith Hunkeler of Switzerland won her fifth title in the Women’s Wheeler Race.

Legendary music super star, king of pop, Michael Jackson may have passed away a few months back but his legacy is here to stay. Michael Jackson’s concert movie “This Is It” was released worldwide today, simultaneously in 15 countries, and was received all over by scores of die-hard MJ fans. The movie premiere in LA saw celebrities like Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Paula Abdul and Peter Andre and the same enthusiasm was seen all over the world.

An icon for millions around the world, Michael died days before he was supposed to make a comeback on the stage with his “This Is It” series of concerts starting at the O2 Arena in London.

After the shocking demise of the musical genius, while fans were devastated, Columbia Pictures decided to start work on a concert movie of Michael Jackson using footage of hours spent by the King Of Pop preparing for the series of concerts before his death.

“This Is It” shows Michael rehearsing many of his songs which he was supposed to perform in his comeback concerts. The movie also promises to show fans the private and never-seen-before side of Michael Jackson and captures the true genius of this multi-talented, globally appealing music idol while he was at work preparing to put up yet another spectacular show, a show which was never meant to happen.

Kenny Ortega, who was MJ’s creative partner and director of his stage shows, is the director of the movie and it has been produced by Randy Phillips, Paul Gongaware and Kenny himself.

Michael also left many unreleased tracks which he was working on. This music is also being released as the “This Is It” Soundtrack – The Music That Inspired The Movie.

Tickets for the movie are on sale only for a short two-week period and the maddening rush of fans, in a way, to pay tribute to their idol is expected to make “This Is It” into a blockbuster…

With less than an year to go for the XIXth Commonwealth Games, Delhi, the host city, is striving to put up a successful show. Come October 3rd 2010 and all eyes would be on Delhi and all of India to fulfill its promise of hosting a spectacular Commonwealth Games.

For the past 2 years, Delhi has virtually become a huge construction site with major infrastructure projects being executed all across the Indian Capital. The Airport is being revamped, the Delhi Metro project is being completed, roads and flyovers are being constructed everywhere and most importantly 12 venues which will be used for hosting the Commonwealth Games are being setup. This is a mammoth task for the Delhi Authorities and has become of part of life for the people of Delhi for the past 2 years. How Delhi fares in hosting the games successfully is anyone’s guess but one thing is for sure, the XIXth Commonwealth Games are set to experience a totally different feel in Delhi as compared to the developed metropolitan cities of Melbourne and Manchester where the games were played in 2006 and 2002.

Recently, there have been speculations that Delhi is running slow in terms of preparedness for the mega event. This came after officials of the Commonwealth Games Federation visited the city. Only 2 out of the 12 venues have been completed so far and the deadline for many infrastructural projects has been postponed. Delhi authorities are trying their best to keep such speculation under wraps with top Indian officials including the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, Home Minister Dr. P. Chidambaram and Sports Minister Mr. M.S. Gill, all giving statements to assure that the preparations are on track.

Another major concern for participating countries and the Indian authorities is the security arrangements during the 2010 Commonwealth Games. After last year’s horrific terrorist attack in Mumbai, India is being looked at as a country vulnerable to security lapses. Delhi authorities including the Delhi Police have presented a detailed plan on how security issues will be managed during the Commonwealth Games. This plan includes continuous surveillance with the help of IAF helicopters, watch towers, snipers, 4 level security checks and use of the latest technology for identification cards, cameras and centralized monitoring.

This is the 2nd major sporting event in many years for the city of Delhi and all of India for that matter, the first being the Asian Games in 1982. Delhi will welcome over 8500 athletes and officials from around 70 Commonwealth nations during the games. India is desperate to prove to the world that it can be a feasible venue for hosting major international events beyond cricket tournaments. The success of Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games will mean more visibility for this fast developing nation and will also encourage authorities to pitch for Olympics 2020.

Dance, as an art form, is steadily becoming very popular among common Indians.

India is a land of diverse beliefs, cultures and arts. Dance has been an important art form for Indians for centuries. Classical dance forms like Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Bharatanatyam have all originated in this country and are learned and passed on from one generation to another in many regions. Similarly, other comparitively casual styles of dancing like Bhangra, Gidda and Filmy or Bollywood have always been a part of the Indian lifestyle. Whether its Indian movies, festivals or any kind of celebration, none can be complete without a bit of Latkas and Jhatkas – Freestyle and Funfilled Dancing 🙂

Having said all this, its somewhat strange that even though dance is something that most Indians indulge in or watch on a regular basis, very few seem to be interested in learning dance properly and as an art form. But the scenario is changing now…

Dance has been catching up among common Indian households slowly and steadily. With different types of dance forms such as Hip-Hop, Breaking, Popping and Locking, Salsa etc. gaining popularity and new avenues for learning these art forms opening up, the general population is starting to realize and consider Dance not just as an art form, but a means to maintain fitness and also a way to build self-confidence.

Recently, a television show called Dance India Dance has revealed the amount of talent and passion that thousands of young Indians have for all kinds of dance forms. The show brings together talented dancers from all across the country and promises to find India’s first Dancing Star. Its great to watch and is already a super hit.

Cities like Mumbai and Kolkata have been at the forefront of promoting Dance and its learning in the country. Delhi, somehow has not witnessed the same level of enthusiasm but things are looking up for the capital as more and more initiatives to teach Dance are being taken.

As an art lover myself, I hope there is more awareness in the country for not only our own Dances but also other types of Dance forms around the world. Also, there need to be more schools and institutions that focus on teaching Dance professionally.

If you’re looking for a dance school in Delhi, you can check the Delhi Dance Academy – Dance Classes In Delhi. They seem to be pretty good… 🙂

Following are the dance forms I was talking about:

Nick Adenhart’s sudden loss in a car accident has shaken the baseball community, his fans and all of United States of America. In a tragic hit and run case, 22 year old Nick, who was a rookie pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels, lost his life on early Thursday morning when his car was hit by a minivan being driven by a drunken driver. Condolences poured in when the news of Adenhart’s untimely death broke out – a tribute ceremony was organized with a baseball, a couple of bouquets and some grief writings from heart broken fans outside the Angels Stadium.

The crash happened when the car carrying Adenhart and three others was hit by a minivan coming from the west. The forceful collision threw Adenhart’s car out of the intersection and claimed all four lives. The minivan driver named Gallo tried to flee towards the east but was arrested near State College Blvd. Gallo already has multiple prior arrests for drunken driving, police asserted.

A baseball pitcher and right hander, Nick Adenhart was born in Silver Springs. When he was 15, he was one of the nation’s top high-school pitchers. Baseball America magazine named him “National Youth Player of the Year”. Soon after achieving this feat, tragically, Nick got an elbow injury and the doctors advised for a reconstructive surgery. Even then, the Los Angeles Angels (LAA) selected him with a letter of intent from the University of North Carolina after which the pitcher received his lengthy rehabilitation.

During his career, 61 of his 98 pitches were strikes and his smooth delivery was an asset for all of his teams. Even on the night before this untoward incident, Adenhart had pitched six scoreless innings against the Oakland A’s where his performance was appreciated.

This case of drunken driving has caused an irreparable harm to the baseball community and there need to be stricter regulations against such reckless drivers.

A poster among the bouquets kept at the memorial read, “No. 34, You are one more Angel in heaven”. Truly a tragic story.

Nick at his Cal League debut

Nick at his Cal League debut

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