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Cribs with Storage

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If you’re expecting a baby, one of the first and most important things you’ll need to buy soon will be a nice baby crib. A good knowledge about the types of cribs available in the market can help you pick exactly the one that will work best for you. Along with safety and comfort, one important feature that can truly enhance your experience with a crib is the presence of a storage facility. Depending upon your style and budget, you can check which crib would suit you best but going with a crib that has under crib storage is something that can never go wrong.

Under crib storage, as the name suggests, is a storage facility present below a crib – in the space between the crib’s base and the floor. It can come in the form of a single, wide drawer or multiple drawers depending upon the crib you choose. It helps in the organization and neat arrangement of things in a room without occupying any extra space. Under crib storage accompanies only a selected number of cribs in the market but once you’ve used a crib with under crib storage, you might find it impossible to do without it.

The best part about under crib storage is that it helps important things like diapers, wet wipes, crib sheets, etc. to be out of sight yet easily accessible. This is very useful because when it comes to babies, we just can’t afford to store things away in far off shelves. We need to have the access to diapers and wipes at the click of a finger. At the same time, we can’t let such things be on a table either because one, they will make the nursery look cluttered and two, a curious toddler would most likely reach out to and dispose of these things before we know it. Hence, its crucial to have a spacious storage shelf or drawer in the nursery and what can be better than having it on the crib itself, utilizing the space which would otherwise be collecting dust.

Some cribs with under crib storage are accompanied by other useful features as well. These include crib convertibility, safety and good looks among others.

My favorite crib with under crib storage is the Babyletto Mercer 3-in-1 Convertible Crib with Storage. It has good storage, is convertible into a day bed and toddler bed (with included conversion rails) and looks really cool and chic!

More Storage in Cribs

dream on me casco crib with storage PNG

Having talked about cribs with under crib storage, let me also tell you a little about other, more spacious storage options that are available in some cribs.

Just like cribs with under crib storage, a few selected cribs come with an attached storage feature in the form of a changing table and dresser. The changing table helps to easily change a baby’s dresses and diapers by placing her right next to her sleeping area and the drawers underneath provide easy and quick access to the clothes, diapers, rash creams, etc. that are needed during the changing time. Additionally, the back-side of these drawers also contains some open shelves to keep extra baby stuff. The vertical alignment of these shelves (attached to the drawers) and the changing table makes excellent use of space and provides lots of storage with just a few inches added to the crib.

The cribs with such features are simply referred to as cribs with storage. They accommodate ample storage capacity in a compact size which occupies much less space in comparison to these storage features being bought separately. In addition to being a space-saver, these cribs are cost-effective as well.

My favorite crib with storage is the Dream On Me Casco 3 in 1 Mini Crib and Dressing Table Combo . It has a great storage capacity, can be converted into a day bed and twin size bed, is light-weight and beautiful.


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