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Delhi Gears Up For The XIXth Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010

Posted on: October 28, 2009

With less than an year to go for the XIXth Commonwealth Games, Delhi, the host city, is striving to put up a successful show. Come October 3rd 2010 and all eyes would be on Delhi and all of India to fulfill its promise of hosting a spectacular Commonwealth Games.

For the past 2 years, Delhi has virtually become a huge construction site with major infrastructure projects being executed all across the Indian Capital. The Airport is being revamped, the Delhi Metro project is being completed, roads and flyovers are being constructed everywhere and most importantly 12 venues which will be used for hosting the Commonwealth Games are being setup. This is a mammoth task for the Delhi Authorities and has become of part of life for the people of Delhi for the past 2 years. How Delhi fares in hosting the games successfully is anyone’s guess but one thing is for sure, the XIXth Commonwealth Games are set to experience a totally different feel in Delhi as compared to the developed metropolitan cities of Melbourne and Manchester where the games were played in 2006 and 2002.

Recently, there have been speculations that Delhi is running slow in terms of preparedness for the mega event. This came after officials of the Commonwealth Games Federation visited the city. Only 2 out of the 12 venues have been completed so far and the deadline for many infrastructural projects has been postponed. Delhi authorities are trying their best to keep such speculation under wraps with top Indian officials including the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, Home Minister Dr. P. Chidambaram and Sports Minister Mr. M.S. Gill, all giving statements to assure that the preparations are on track.

Another major concern for participating countries and the Indian authorities is the security arrangements during the 2010 Commonwealth Games. After last year’s horrific terrorist attack in Mumbai, India is being looked at as a country vulnerable to security lapses. Delhi authorities including the Delhi Police have presented a detailed plan on how security issues will be managed during the Commonwealth Games. This plan includes continuous surveillance with the help of IAF helicopters, watch towers, snipers, 4 level security checks and use of the latest technology for identification cards, cameras and centralized monitoring.

This is the 2nd major sporting event in many years for the city of Delhi and all of India for that matter, the first being the Asian Games in 1982. Delhi will welcome over 8500 athletes and officials from around 70 Commonwealth nations during the games. India is desperate to prove to the world that it can be a feasible venue for hosting major international events beyond cricket tournaments. The success of Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games will mean more visibility for this fast developing nation and will also encourage authorities to pitch for Olympics 2020.


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ROBOCOP, a new police official for Commonwealth Games 2010

DELHI HAS got a new police official ROBOCOP who is very much in news these days. With the Commonwealth Games round the corner and reports of constant terror threats, ROBOCOP is the new Mini Remote Operating Vehicles (MROV) that will help commandos in a hostage situation and even defuse bombs.
Canada based ICOR Technology manufactured robot, ROBOCOP can not only trace the explosive but lift it and put it in a Total Containment Vehicle (TCV), which is used for defusing bombs. This way, bomb squad personnel will not have to expose themselves to the explosives.
MROV has a robotic arm with a 5 degree movement including a turret, shoulder, elbow, wrist and claw joint. It can lift approximately 20 kgs and drag up to 130 kgs. The caliber T5 robot are used by Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams across the world and can also drag injured people to safety, climb stairs and negotiate rocky terrain. It has a maximum speed of 8 km /hr.

Commonwealth Games 2010 all set to hog appreciation despite cynicism

WITH LESS than 100 days to go for the Commonwealth Games 2010, New Delhi is soon going to sport a complete makeover for the extravaganza which will not only have its eyes set by the local media but will be covered globally. The preparation is in full swing which covers not only the stadias but also the adjoining areas with modern 5-star public utilities, colourful locales, empowered public mode of transportation etc to gratify the locals as well as the participating members.

The enthusiasm can be very well seen on the faces of the young school children, who are fired up with the approaching games . Various schools across the city have plans of organising and hosting events and activities to educate the masses about the players, sporting events and the countries participating. The information drive will also prove equally beneficial for the young population since its imperative that the children realise its importance and feel proud of it, knowing the fact that this is the first ever international event that is being hosted in the sub-continent.

This September 15, New Delhi will be one of the latest entrants in the elite list of international cities like Paris, New York, London, Barcelona, Sydney, Rome, Singapore which will boast of an “hop-on, hop-off” bus service meant exclusively for the tourists apart from the confidence building security measures to run up the sporting extravaganza. The upgraded deployment initiative taken up by the Delhi police is sure to keep the event as well as the tourists safe without letting any anti-social activity taking place.

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