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First Ever Powerball Florida Lottery Held At Universal Orlando – Check The Winning Numbers

Posted on: January 8, 2009

Universal Orlando was the venue for drawing of the first ever Powerball Lottery in Florida. The drawing happened on Wednesday, 7th Jan, 2009 at 10:59 pm.

The winning numbers were : 52, 38, 31, 23, 33 alongwith Powerball number 24.

Florida is the latest entrant into the Powerball multi-state game. Ticket sales for the jackpot started on Sunday, 4th Jan, 2009 and the Powerball fever in Floridians was clear from the fact that 1.5 million tickets were sold on the same day.

Each ticket costs $1 only and the proceeds from the lottery will be used for promoting education in Florida through public schools. Those who are playing this very popular lottery game provide this good cause as a logic for their participation in addition to their chance of winning the jackpot money themselves (although calculated probabilty for that is 1 in 195 million appx.) 🙂

The Florida jackpot is estimated to be worth $ 105 million.


3 Responses to "First Ever Powerball Florida Lottery Held At Universal Orlando – Check The Winning Numbers"

I am a part of this much awaited lottery draw. But unfortunately I never got any winning numbers. Until now I try my luck on this. I’ll never give up until I win the jackpot. LOL!

First ever Powerball lottery held in Florida and now its expanding all over the world. It is now become more popular today. A lot of people play Powerball lotteries and I myself are of them. I also played euromillions especially when there is a big jackpot.

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