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What Hong Kong attraction was built in 1956? Celestial Star Ferry

Posted on: November 8, 2008

Yes people, that’s the question for today on the Marriott World of Rewards. And who doesn’t want a reward eh? 😉

Possible Answers

  1. A popular Hong Kong ferry called the “Celestial Star ferry” was built in 1956. (most likely) link to wiki

  2. Wong Tai Sin Temple – This temple was opened in 1956. However, Wikipedia says it was built much earlier than that.
  3. The university of Hong Kong acquired a house in 1956, which was made into the men’s hostel. It’s still not open to the public, so can’t be this either.
  4. The Hong Kong riots took place in October 1956 (for those generally interested in China). I’d rather just write an encyclopedic entry on Hong Kong. lol!
  5. Hong Kong Baptist University was founded in 1956.
  6. The Hong Kong society for the blind was also founded in 1956.

If you win a prize, come back and tell us!! 😉

Old News now
God sake!! I’ve been trying to figure out the answer to this one for the last hour!! Have to say – The questions they ask on Marriott world of rewards are pretty tough to look up. I guess that’s what makes the quiz challenging and interesting.

Well, I’m still looking for an answer. If you happen to be one of those Google search experts who know exactly what to search for and jump into the answer, be kind and post a comment with the correct answer to help others.

Meanwhile, it’s slogging for me!

Hong Kong at Night - What attraction can it be?

Hong Kong at Night - What attraction can it be?

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5 Responses to "What Hong Kong attraction was built in 1956? Celestial Star Ferry"

It’s got to be the Wong Tai Sin temple! Others don’t really look like possible choices to me, except maybe the Baptist University. Found any confirmed answers anyone?

This, I have to say is the toughest question yet! Thanks CafeAnant for your research.

No yet Himangshu, I’m still looking too!

Why can’t it be the ferry? I think there’s a good chance of it being the ferry “celestial” whatever..

It is the Celestial Star Ferry. Good Luck!

It’s the Celestial Star Ferry. I just answered the question and it said that was the correct answer, but as usual I didn’t win a prize.

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