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Maureen McCormick Of “The Brady Bunch” Talks About Romance, Drug Addiction And Trading Sex

Posted on: October 13, 2008

Who can forget “The Brady Bunch”? The American comedy show based on a large American family was telecast on the ABC network from 1969 to 1974 and was a huge success.

Almost 4 decades after the show was aired on American TV, Maureen McCormick who played Marcia Brady in the show has come up with her memoir that talks about how Marcia Brady’s on screen popularity landed her into Drug Addiction and suffering because of depression. Maureen McCormick played the character of Marcia Brady in The Brady Bunch, who was the mature, intelligent yet, at times, confused eldest daughter of the Brady family. Maureen, now 52, was just 14 when The Brady Bunch debuted on ABC network in 1969.

Maureen McCormick

Maureen McCormick. Left: During The Brady Bunch, Right: Now

Despite playing the role of Miss Perfect on television, in real life, Maureen continuously struggled with a great deal of anxiety, insecurity and family problems. Once the show ended in 1974, Maureen adopted a vagabond lifestyle in Hollywood which got her into a number of undesirable habits including drug addiction through Cocaine and Quaaludes. She was never able to achieve success similar to her character in The Brady Bunch even though she did some TV shows and movie roles here and there. She developed a reputation of being unreliable because of her wrong habits and even missed an appointment with Steven Spielberg because of being high on drugs.

Maureen started becoming sober and started getting more control of herself when she married Michael Cummings in 1985 with whom she has a daughter named Natalie. Later, Maureen, who is also a singer, starred in music related reality shows like “Gone Country” and “Outsider’s Inn”.

In her Memoir or Autobiography called “Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice” which is due for release on Tuesday, the 14th of October, Maureen McCormick talks in detail about her romance with onscreen sibling Barry Williams, her dates with Steve Martin and Michael Jackson, parties at the Playboy Mansion and the home of Sammy Davis Jr, an unwanted pregnancy, incidents of suffering from drug addiction and even trading sex for drugs.

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