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Dead Techie Reappears After 3 Months – Meghna Subhedar Is Alive

Posted on: October 11, 2008

More than 3 months after Meghna Subhedar, a 28 year old techie from Bangalore, was declared dead, Meghna has suddenly appeared at one of her relatives’ place in Pune. Meghna’s case and her subsequent search started in early April when she went missing. A couple of months later in June, she was declared dead. However, on 10th October, Meghna called her parents and informed them that she was in Pune at her relatives’ residence. Her father immediately informed the police about this development and now a team has been sent there.

The whole issue began when Meghna, a software professional at Genesis, called her parents in Korba, Chhatisgarh on the 10th of April informing them that she would be boarding the Geetanjali Express on the same day to come home . However, she did not reach home as per schedule and her parents filed a complaint with the Government Railway Police for their missing daughter on the 11th of April.

The police tracked Meghna’s movements after she went missing and found that she had used an ATM in Andheri, Mumbai on 13th of April and then another ATM in Margaon, Goa on the 14th. After sometime, a naked decomposed body was found on Candolim beach in Goa which was identified as Meghna by her father and a case of murder was registered by Calangute Police. However, when her mother objected to this conclusion, DNA tests were carried out and it was found that the body was of another individual.

Now that Meghna is back after missing for such a long time, the biggest question is what happened to her on the 10th of April and where has she been all this while. But mysteriously, Meghna herself is not able to answer this question and says she does not remember anything about what happened and where she was over these months.

Meghna Subhedar - Then and Now

Meghna Subhedar - Then and Now

Meghna told her father that someone had hit her on the head with a hard object on Friday, 10th October because of which she regained her memory and was able to call home. Thus, it seems that Meghna had lost her memory while she went missing. Trying to figure out what may be the reason for this loss of memory, Meghna’s father, who is a doctor by profession, said that Meghna was an avid reader and notably had a lot of books related to Black Magic which may have had something to do with this mysterious behavior of his daughter.

Press Reports related to Meghna Subhedar:


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